Recipe: Mayweather IPA

A balanced American IPA that pulls no punches and goes the distance.

Hi Homebrewers,

Following on from last weekend’s post, this week’s recipe is a big bold American IPA brewed in honour of the big bold American, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. This recipe uses a pretty tasty hopping regime with Citra, Centennial and Cascade. If dry hops aren’t your thing, the beer is great without them too. If you are tweaking your water, make sure to keep the chloride to sulphate ratio around 1:2 to give enough maltiness to handle the hopping regime and keep the beer balanced. Like the boxer, this IPA is balanced and packs a (hoppy) punch; you’ll be able to go a few rounds before it knocks you down.

Mayweather vs McGregor PPV

Side note: Congratulations to Mayweather, who now holds the venerable record of 50-0. The dude didn’t even break a sweat.

Beer Profile

Batch volume: 22 L
Pre-boil volume: 30 L
Pre-boil gravity: 1.041
OG: 1.056
FG: 1.012
ABV: 5.8%
Bitterness: 44 IBUs
Colour: 7.5 SRM
Efficiency: 70%


Grains % of Fermentables
5.31 kg American Pale Ale Malt (1.8°L) 92.2%
450 g Crystal Malt (40°L) 7.8%
Kettle Hops IBUs
2.9 g Centennial [9.3 AA] – 60 mins 3.8
13.5 g Citra [14.3 AA] – 60 mins 27
33 g Cascade (US) [5 AA] – 20 mins 7.9
33 g Cascade (US) [5 AA] – 10 mins 5
7.1 g Centennial [9.3 AA] – Flameout
57 g Citra [14.3 AA] – Flameout
Dry Hops
33 g Citra [14.3 AA] – 5 Days
28 g Cascade (US) [5 AA] – 5 Days
1 Packets Mangrove Jack – M44 US West Coast Yeast
Other Ingredients
1/2 tablet Irish Moss – 10 mins
Target Water Profile
Ion Target (ppm or mg/L)
Calcium 75
Magnesium 5
Sodium 10
Chloride 50
Sulphate 100
Bicarbonates 0


Mash the grains at 67ºC for one hour. Fly or batch sparge at 76ºC for 20 minutes or until you have reached the pre-boil gravity. Bring the collected wort to a boil and wait for the hot break to form. Boil for 60 minutes adding the kettle hops at the times listed above. After the boil cool quickly using a chilling device. Aerate and pitch yeast. Ferment at 18ºC.

If you want to dry hop, add your dry hops when the gravity reaches around 1.026. After the FG stabilises, clarify your beer if you so choose (see here on how to do it) and rack into a keg or bottle.

Carbonation and Storage

Carbonate to 2.6 volumes and if bottling store for at least 30 days prior to drinking.

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